Cheers to Love and Patience

What an honor it is for me to say, “My parents celebrated their 58th wedding anniversary this year!”  In this day and age when families split apart and divorce is so prevalent, I think of how blessed and thankful I am to have parents who love each other and have worked hard at having a successful marriage. They truly have one of the greatest love stories the world has known. I’m proud to be a part of that legacy.  

When I reflect on their wonderful marriage, I observe that their success is built on their love and patience for one another, love of family, love of friends, love of community, and love of laughter.  By their example I have learned a lot, been inspired and by just observing them, they have provided me guidance in my marriage and life.

Patience is something I admire in others, even if I’ve never told them. It’s also something I wish to have more of…especially in my relationships with those who matter most. And it’s usually those who matter most to me that I tend to be the least patient with.

With all the technology available today, its so easy to enjoy instant gratification. Almost everything I want or need or think about is available at the click of a mouse. Add to that the ever-growing demands of my professional self, and the pressures to build a solid and stable financial future, patience, at times, may feel impossible.

However, to build a solid and stable future, patience is not just something to hope or wish for, but is an essential component that must be achieved. It is a necessity, not a luxury in our lives.

Solid relationships are built on solid individuals. To bring the best version of me into my relationships, I sometimes need to work on myself first. Patience builds character.

I’m learning it starts by developing patience for myself. This in turn can grow to increased patience for others. Showing someone patience can also inspire them to be more patient with you. And who doesn’t want that?

This is how close-knit relationships are built. Not through a series of spontaneous, easy decisions that appeal to one person in the spur of the moment. But instead, through careful, meticulous consideration of the relationship’s direction and attention to what you are bringing into the relationship on a daily basis. Good relationships don’t just happen. Good relationships are built. They are tended to and nurtured.

Growing closer to your partner and learning to love all of them, in spite of their faults, isn’t impossible. It just takes love and patience.

Happy Anniversary Dad and Mom! We love you!

Author: Livingrealaloha